I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, best city ever. My background as a child was full of books,
cinema and my father’s Georgian influence. All that early impressions influenced my expressive manner
and colourful compositions.
Once upon a time, after many years working as crisis manager, I bought my first box of oil pastel and the
passion was born. Now, I enjoy working with different mediums and on different surfaces. Acrylic, oil,
gouache, charcoal, ink, the language is so powerful and diverse.
How does imagination work? I have no idea.. But it works and brings the joy of creativity, full immersion in
the process, change of mood and state. And the result, which sometimes turns up looking unexpected.
I wish you could find something interesting and nutritious here. Some works are for sale (links to stores
are at the top), some have long found new homes in Russia and around. I hope you like it here and see
Thank you so much for your interest and have a good time.

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